American Chestnut Cooperators' Foundation Grower Report

(Grower Report Template--select all and copy/paste this text to your email)

These reports are an integral part of ACCF research and increase the potential for outside funding.

Please provide the following contact information:


Street Address

Address (cont.)



Zip/Postal Code



Please send your check to ACCF, 2667 Forest Service Road 708, Newport, VA 24128


Number of surviving trees


Height of tallest tree in feet


Number of trees bearing nuts


Total number of trees with blight


Number of trees with Swollen blight cankers


Number of trees with Flat blight cankers


Number of trees with Sunken cankers


Select any/all of the following options that apply to your planting site:

Well-drained, sandy loam soil

Full Sun

Slopes facing North, NE or East

Coves receiving the drainage of surrounding slopes

Altitudes below 2500 feet

Special Remarks (for growers with several sites, descriptions of cankers, growing problems, solutions to growing problems, or other questions and comments)