Breeding for Blight Resistance:


ACCF planted our all-American orchard in a forest clearing on a steep mountain slope. Resistance trials identified two top performers:  a (Floyd x Gault) named Ruth and a (Gault x Floyd) named Miles.

By the time our tests had identified the best trees from which to make the second generation crosses (1992), they were already too tall for us to reach the flowers high in their crowns.

We grafted Miles and Ruth on flat ground in full sun where they make a spreading form, for easy controlled pollination to cross Ruth x Miles and Miles x Ruth.

First year growth of a Miles Graft!

Barkgraft.jpg (161404 bytes)

Bark Graft

May1999.jpg (144176 bytes)

May 1999

June1999.jpg (164565 bytes)

June 1999

August1999.jpg (179847 bytes)

August 1999 (behind girls)

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We engage senior citizens and school children, volunteers and professionals in planting, grafting and harvesting American Chestnuts.


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